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Splitting 8's is a blackjack game like no other. The benefits of this game are no annoying pop up ads to deal with or hidden fees after your first initial low cost purchase. Splitting 8's features an online leader board as well as Facebook integration, which will allow you to invite friends, post on your wall, and post images.There are 5 sets of betting chips which will change depending on the amount of money you win.
As you level up you get rewarded with more and more money, but the amount you have to bet is increased as well.
It is a very addictive game and it doesn't hit your wallet hard. Get your black jack fix for a buck.
We are dedicated to supporting any issues that may pop up and developing this game further.
Facebook works for browser. If you use the Facebook app you will have to uninstall the app and then log in through Splitting 8's then you can re-install the Facebook app.
As soon as this issue is resolved I will update the game with the fixes. This is a Facebook issue not a development issue.
Other known issues:
if you delete the cache for Splitting 8's, the downloaded image for your Facebook account will be deleted and will take some time to download it again. So if your FB image is missing this is most likely the case.
Also there are some glitches with posting to your Facebook account through Splitting 8's if you strictly use the Google Chrome browser as well as your profile image showing up.